Kathryn Blume is a Great Original -- the funniest, grittiest climate activist we've got, a living argument for art and humor and sexy straightforwardness in the fight to save the planet -- Bill McKibben

Kathryn Blume is an environmental speaker, educator, and passionate advocate for individual and collective world-saving action.  She offers inspiring keynote addresses, potent workshops, and powerful personal coaching sessions that blossom people’s belief in their ability to respond to climate change, and dramatically increase their personal and professional sustainability. Bring her to your conference, corporate meeting, rally, or weekend retreat and prepare to be uplifted, entertained, and renewed.

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Keynote Addresses

Kathryn’s keynote addresses are known for their quirky combination of irreverent humor, emotional authenticity, and a deep belief in the power of the individual to make a difference.  Her visionary, honest, and hopeful presentation of the challenges of global climate change paint for her audiences a picture of both truth and possibility.  Kathryn leaves her listeners entertained, inspired, and fired up to build a healthier, more sustainable world.


Kathryn’s workshops are a safe, supportive, fertile space for participants to jumpstart their dreams and ideas for making positive change in their lives and the world.  Kathryn helps participants both delve into broad, creative visioning as well as develop tactical, practical plans for greening up their personal and professional lives.

Personal and Group Coaching

Kathryn is a powerful, intuitive, deeply compassionate coach.  Her background as a theater artist gives her a deeply empathic, supportive response to her clients’ personal experiences.  Kathryn is also a profoundly creative and collaborative brainstormer, with an endless flow of ideas for helping clients work through their resistances and realize their deepest dreams.